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Structure Optimization

1. Compared with the V11, the height of the vehicle is increased by 40MM

2. Lifttheheight of gas spring 1MM without changing travel range of shock absorption.

3. Reduce the height ofthe pedal by 10MM without changing travelrangeof shock absorption.

4. Add 4 protecting orange rubbers under the shells, 2 protecting orange rubbers at the up frame of front and rear lamp.

5. Refer to V13's kickstand to make a fixed support mode.

6. The pedals are optimized from matte pedals to aluminium alloy pedals similar to V13's.

7. Due to the changes in the size of the main shell,and slide rails in conjunction with the controller, it is not compatible with V11.


Changes in the overall riding experience after optimization: The center of gravity is lower for better control, the probability of bottoming out is reduced, the stand is more stable, the shell is protected and the probability of damage is reduced, and the pedal comfort is improved.



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