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The Kingsong 16-inch KS-16B EUC distinguishes itself from its competitors by its sleek and refined design and performance. Four configurations are possible (340Wh, 520Wh, 680Wh or 840Wh). The electric unicycle is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, reversible front and rear lights and an integrated telescopic handle.

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Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks
Style Mixte
Factory speed 25 km/h
Maximum speed 30 km/h
Mileage range 30 à 70km
Weight 14.8kg à 16,8kg
Maximum slope ~ 30°
Charging time 2.5h à 5.5h
Battery 340Wh/520Wh/680Wh/840Wh
Maximum power 800W nominal/3000W max
Supply voltage Entrée AC 80~240 V ,Sortie DC 67.2V、Chargeur 2A
Battery life ~1000 cycles
Tire 16 pouces
Maximum load 100kg
Height 506mm
Width 463mm
Depth 196mm
Bluetooth Oui
Smartphone app Oui
Warranty 2 ans moteur/carte mère et 1 an batterie. (voir Conditions de garantie KINGSONG FRANCE)
Certificates CE