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Perfect to start!

The latest gyrocouple Kingsong brand offers a 14-inch wheel equipped with the essentials to discover the joys of skiing. Its featherweight of 11kg and its telescopic handle will allow you to carry it everywhere.

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499,00 €

tax incl.

Including 2,00 € for ecotax

Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

The wheel at a low price!

Kingsong took over the sleek design of the KS-14D to create an entry-level wheel to introduce our new customers to the gyro. This gyro is equipped with a battery of 174Wh to travel up to 18Km and 500W motor power. Unlike its big sister the KS-14D, the KS-14M does not have Bluetooth speakers and side LEDs.


 KS14m-description The inevitable kingsong accessories

1. Telescopic handle

The key point of the KS-14M gyro is its telescopic handle that the manufacturer has wisely incorporated into the bodywork.

2. Lighthouses

Headlights and reversible stop lights to suit the direction of your driving.


3. Battery

The KS-14M gyro has a battery of 174Wh to travel up to 18km.

4. New pedals

The electric unicycle is equipped with new pedals with grip to optimize its control.




Up to 80km/h autonomy


Lighthouse and stop lights


Built-in telescopic handle


500W motor 

The KS app

An application designed for the wheel! Customizing settings The Kingsong app is available on Android and IOS. It allows to make many settings on your gyroco so to customize your wheel electric. You can including changing the style of driving, checking the autonomy remaining, change the animation of the LED side ...

Style Urbain
Factory speed 20 km/h
Mileage range 18km
Charging time 3h
Battery 174Wh
Maximum power 500W
Battery life ~1000 cycles
Tire 14 pouces
Maximum load 100kg
Bluetooth Non
Smartphone app Oui
Watertightness Non
Warranty 2 ans et batterie 1 an
Certificates CE