N1-A Kingsong scooter

Kingsong has developed electric scooters to facilitate eco-friendly travel. The N1-A is equipped with an LG battery of 370Wh allowing to travel up to 25km and a motor power of 350W. The N1-A scooter can travel up to 25 km / h.


Kingsong Accessories

1. Control panel

The display indicates many information
such as speed, remaining battery life ...

2. Suspensions

The shock absorbers placed on the front of the handle
allow the driver to feel the roughness of the road less.


3. Headlight

Kingsong scooters have a front headlight for safe night driving.

4. Folding system

Kingsong scooters fold to be easily transported to the office or subway.




Up to 25Km of autonomy


Headlight and brake light


Disc brake



Simple and efficient

The N1-A is equipped with a strong kickstand to hold your scooter in balance when you do not hold it.

The folding system and its weight allow you to transport the scooter or you want it, public transport, apartment or even your office.

The handle of the scooter is adjustable, you can whatever your size ride comfortably! The N1-A is equipped with a disc brake for more powerful and progressive braking. The inflated tires of this electric vehicle offer better grip, coupled to the front and rear shock absorbers of the vehicle, they make it possible to feel less the roughness of the road.