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  • KS-18A

    Adopt endurance The engine power allied to an 18-inch diameter wheel: you will no longer feel the rough edges of the road. A real comfort of gliding coupled with a range of up to 100Km autonomy.

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  • KS-14D

    Adopt the elegance The latest Kingsong unicycle offers optimum handling thanks to its 14-inch wheel and 11 kg weight. A lightness in the feet for better ease of gliding.

    799,00 €
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  • KS-16S

    Adopt the sport version Choose the 16 inches of Kingsong in its sport version in silver color with a 840Wh battery!A gliding comfort, a motor power of 1200W nominal, a telescopic handle integrated.Discover the best way to get around.

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  • ks-14s-white ks-14s-white
    Product available with different options

    Elegance and endurance The last 14 inches of Kingsong passes in sport version in order to boost its endurance.

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  • KS-18L

    Adopt the lite version KingSong completely overhauls the design of its 18 inch and makes it more compact by reusing the design of its little sister the KS-14D. This new KS-18L has lite only the name because it has a rated engine power of 2000W, a capacity of 1036Wh and all KingSong accessories ...

    1 999,00 €
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  • KS-14M
    #MM0014 EAN 3770005635817

    Perfect to start! The latest gyrocouple Kingsong brand offers a 14-inch wheel equipped with the essentials to discover the joys of skiing. Its featherweight of 11kg and its telescopic handle will allow you to carry it everywhere.

    499,00 €
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  • KS-18XL

    Adopt the XL version (Limited Edition) KingSong is producing a limited edition XL version of the KS-18L. It will only be available in full matte black with a booster range of 518Wh for a total capacity of 1554Wh. For more information see product sheet of the KS-18L!

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  • KS-16X

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